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The concept of ecology is that everything is bounded with everything else if human beings go wrong, the rest of the living forms are also affected, People in vanity or greed disregard their linkage with trees, rivers, animals, birds and the earth. It is true that women have achieved a higher place, than in the past; still they are not relieved from male dominance. In Where Shall we go this summer? , the protagonist begins her search for her father in the wilderness of Manori. She rediscovers the island of her past. What she notices in strikes her as a reflection of something witphin her as well. Nature is sick and so is she. Observing death and disease in nature, she also sees that she is a diminished, mutilated being. The instant reaction is that of panic and despair. She realizes that being able to see clearly is essential if she is to become real. She returns to the city but as a new being with nature. Now she has obtained the power to see and power to act. Anita Mazumadar Desai is one of the distinguished Indian English novelist whose writings have attracted most extensive critical attention in India and abroad. She is very much noted for her sensitive portrayal of the inner life of her female actress. Several of Deasi’s novels explore tension between family members and the alienations of…show more content…
When she is pregnant for the fifth time her husband was puzzled and she also did so with a paranoiac show of rage, fear and revolt. Her behavior is changed to the extent, Raman looks at her saying that she always please with babies. She dismisses his statement as she is not pleased but frightened. Her behavior has become as such that.Sita’s fifth pregnancy and the thought of parturition which follows automatically make her panicky She is highly reluctant to bring forth her new fragile being into this harsh world where is the order of the

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