Anita Nair's Lessons In Forgetting

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Marriage in Crisis :A Study of Anita Nair’s Lessons in Forgetting
In the contemporary society one of the latest burning issues is, various crises in the family. Today both men and women adhere to free modern life style and so they hate to live under marital roof. Both are also conscious of their personal salvation and individuality, so to attain an independent status they shatter the marital norms and run to seek their roots. In this way, the main intention of this conceptual paper is to bring out how Anita Nair, an outstanding Indian literary writer has brought out the issue of today’s marriage, with particular reference to her novel Lessons in Forgetting.
Key Words: Modernity, Marriage, family, crisis, individuality.

Today there are rapid changes in various social institutions, because of modernity. In this way, one amongst the important institution that has created number of changes is, in the family. It has changed the roles and lives of both men
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In this way one such exemplary example that can be literally witnessed here is, Anita Nair’s Lessons in Forgetting. Literally writers of literature are the product of their age and so is the author Anita Nair. She writes what she has experienced and witnessed today’s society and recorded the subject in an article way. She is one amongst the most popular contemporary Indian novelist in India, was born in Palakkad district of Kerala. She obtained her college education B.A.Degree in English Language and Literature, at Chennai and later got married to Mr. Harish and now lives with her caring husband and lovable son at Bangalore. Till date she keeps herself busy, active and charming as a caring mother to her son and loving wife to her husband and also is working as a creative director in an advertising agency at
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