Anita Shreve The Weight Of Water Essay

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Nand Patel Instructor: Linda Rosenkranz English 1302, CRN 56077 February 20, 2018 Imagery in The Weight of Water: An Annotated Bibliography Working Thesis Statement for Your Research Essay: Anita Shreve's The Weight of Water is full of imagery, portraying scenes from two stories going back and forth between the mysterious murder story and the dangerous romance onboard the ships. Part 1: Citation for Article #1 (bibliographic data) Mygoodbookshelf. "Review: The Weight of Water; Anita Shreve." My good bookshelf, 7 Oct. 2012, Part II: Summary of the Article In the book, The Weight of Water, Anita Shreve in the introduction chapter describes physical characteristics of every character and the Isles of…show more content…
2002, Part II: Summary of the Article Anita Shreve sets the events of the novel in 1995, to coincide with the time in which the O.J. Simpson trial concludes. Jean's assignment is to shoot some photos of Smuttynose for a sidebar article about this previous century's debated sensational murder. Shreve has Jean tell us the details of both her story and that of Marens simultaneously, easily moving back and forth in time, not providing any breaks or transitions between the two. Part III: Assessment of the Source 1. Through this letter, Shreve gives a fictional account of the life of Maren Hontvedt yet provides an entirely plausible, if not shocking, account of the events that could have happened on the night of the murders. Both stories build deadly and somewhat unexpected climaxes. 2. Shreve tells us a stunning story with great climax and mysterious plots and themes. There is plenty for the reader to reflect and savor in this accomplished inquiry into the circle of
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