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Nand Patel Instructor: Linda Rosenkranz English 1302, CRN 56077 February 20, 2018 Imagery in The Weight of Water: An Annotated Bibliography Working Thesis Statement for Your Research Essay: Anita Shreve's The Weight of Water is full of imagery, portraying scenes from two stories going back and forth between the mysterious murder story and the dangerous romance onboard the ships. Part 1: Citation for Article #1 (bibliographic data) Mygoodbookshelf. "Review: The Weight of Water; Anita Shreve." My good bookshelf, 7 Oct. 2012, Part II: Summary of the Article In the book, The Weight of Water, Anita Shreve in the introduction chapter…show more content…
Anita Shreve uses many other literary elements like irony and allusion, but imagery is used more often, and many scenes are wonderfully described. The source depicts a brief summary of the book. There are many themes that are covered in the book/novel like emigration, conflict, disintegrating marriages amongst others and many more. All these themes and the imagery used by Anita Shreve didn't make the book seem confusing or…show more content…
2010, Part II: Summary of the Article One element of Anita Shreve's novel is her account of this crime as well as herown reinterpretation of what actually happened. The other element is a modern story about Jean, a photographer, who was on an assignment to Smuttynose Island to record the site of mysterious and horrifying events, and through who's eyes we learn the author's alternative history of events. The tragic ending of the modern story is both contrived and abrupt. Part III: Assessment of the Source 1. The imagery used later in the book is stated using this source. In the sources used above, Anita Shreve heavily uses imagery to represent all these scenes. The sources relate to each other by stating all the massive tension going on between all the adults on the journey and we also realize that some kind of tragedy will relate the murder of the women's to Jean's life. 2. The stories of murders are somewhat true and fictional. Anita Shreve leaves the audience hanging and thinking at the end about the murders and Billie's

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