Ankle Dorsiflexion Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Ankle dorsiflexion can play an integral part in the individual’s athletic performance. Our concern is that athletes do not take into consideration ankle dorsiflexion. Therefore, the research on ankle dorsiflexion states that dorsiflexion influences the way a subject performs a jump (15). Also, other factors that can play a role in vertical movements are arm swings, countermovements, stretching and ankle taping (7, 9, 10). However, in our research, we are going to observe what factor ankle dorsiflexion plays in jump performance. This is important because jump performances are used in examining professional athletes across the world. The purpose is to investigate the question if there is a correlation of ankle dorsiflexion with…show more content…
Stretching can improve ankle dorsiflexion and in that way, increase jump height (13). According to the research, there are couple practical ways to stretch an ankle. One of them is stretching individually while using a strap, and another one is called static stretching. The researchers concluded that stretching with the strap was the most efficient way to improve ankle dorsiflexion. Also, it was stated that by improving the flexibility of the ankle by stretching, injuries would be prevented and that would also might speed up the process of recovery from the injury (9). One of the articles suggests that foam rolling improves ankle dorsiflexion range of motion. This range of motion only lasts 10 to 30 minutes but showed significant increases within that frame of time in the flexibility of the ankle. One of the reasons why this was investigated is because athletes with limited ankle dorsiflexion experience greater peak landing force. Therefore, increasing the risk of suffering the injury in the lower extremities. According to the researchers, the foam rolling is one of the effective ways to avoid injury and increase short term flexibility (10, 2). However, some factors decrease the flexibility of the ankle such as shoes. Comparing a person who jumps while wearing a low top shoe to a person who jumps with a high-top shoe it is…show more content…
Factors that can be considered are ankle dorsiflexion after hip abduction and the hip and knee angles. Different ways that the body can be shaped that would affect jumps, landing, and lower extremity strength (8). It was stated that to improve the scores of the jump, the individuals use arm swings and countermovements. In that case, there is more work performed from lower extremity producing more force while increasing vertical jump (7, 12). The vertical and long jump test might be influenced when it comes to someone experienced in performing jumps compared to someone who is participating for the first time. One skill is landing the long jump properly. After administering this test some scores were affected by participants losing their balance either forward or backwards and in that way causing retest or affecting the outcome of the score. Bouchouras discusses three different landing types that would improve balance of the lower extremities and that would improve the long jump scoring accuracy (3, 6). This article indicates how the skill can be improved by using self-talk and learning technique as a skill. Even some individuals that are experienced may have performed it wrong in the past and continue to do so. Therefore, their vertical jump might not increase due to a skill factor (14). Similarly, to the other factors the research suggested that time of a year

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