Ann Radcliffe's Character Analysis

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It is also worth noting that, aside from having a positive effect on the emotional state of characters, the picturesque landscapes of Radcliffe are also a source of inspiration for her characters. It can be seen as an element of the religious sublime that the characters are able to feel a sense of unity with the landscape. Norton would go on to describe this quality as a “distinguishing feature of Ann Radcliffe’s characters” which he refers to as: [T]heir uniquely aesthetic sensibility. They read books, compose poetry, play music, draw pictures and contemplate the landscape—pausing long enough in their flight from banditti to analyse the affecting contrasts of a picturesque cliff, employing the precise terminology derived from contemporary critical analysis of the Sublime, the Beautiful and the Picturesque.” (11)
It’s worth noting that aesthetic sensibility is one of the major parts of Emily’s character as a whole. As her entire emotional being, it is also closely linked to the landscape in the novel. As Emily is an avid reader, she also writes a lot of poetry herself. She is able to find use her surroundings as an inspiration when it comes to creating poetry. She is only able to get into a specific mind-set of writing poetry once she has managed to seek out all the details in her surroundings, which can be seen in the following passage:“the gloom of the woods; the trembling of their leaves, […] the bat, flitting on the twilight; the cottage-lights, now seen, and now

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