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Are you one of those people who survived hardships in your life that makes you daughter think that she owes you her existence? If you are or aren 't, you will either way have to meet this woman. This woman is named Anna Avalon, who is now old and sightless. She used to be an acrobat with a group that had done many trapeze acts in the past, but she still has her catlike precision movements, meaning the she never bumps into something. In Anna 's story, her daughter says that she owes her existence to her mother, Anna, three times. The first time was when she had saved herself from dying in a trapeze act when a lightning struck the tent pole. She saved herself by changing her direction during the act, twisting her body towards…show more content…
In this leap, it was when they both fell in love with each other, which showed that Anna was loving, caring, determined, and at a state of depression. This changed her life because Anna was able to find a new love even after her first dead husband, and she was also able to bring a new existence into the earth, which was her daughter. The third time was when Anna saved her daughter from their house, which was on fire. In this scene, it was the biggest leap in Anna’s life because she had leaped from a tree branch to her daughter’s room window, went inside and came out with her daughter in her arms. In this leap, it shows that Anna was a brave woman who would do anything in order to save her daughter’s life. This changed her life because she was able to earn her daughter’s trust after her daughter holding on to her tight in her arms. In the end, Anna was able to have a closer bond with her daughter in that bad situation they were in. These were the three times in which Anna’s daughter had said that she owed her existence to her mother. Due to these leaps, they have changed Anna’s life. Also Anna’s
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