Anna Deavere Smith Character Analysis

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First character that Anna Deavere Smith perform was an older white gentleman who is about his late 60 to mid-70 years old man with gray hair, plum and full of an opinion. The character is not proximately too tall but his poster seems to be crushing forward when he is standing. From the way, he is speaking it seem like the character is usually speaking from one size of his mouth. The character was portraying as a person who had so much wisdom and knowledge many events or had live through many events during his life time. How I came to this conclusion is the way she crushing forward when she performs as the character. The pronunciations that she uses for the character is clear a white older gentleman voice. She had brought the character to live by showing the funny side of the character and the serious side of the character by starting with the statement from the character “I usually have a couple of drink before the train ride to calm my nerves.” She defined him as the defining moment in American History.
The second character that Anna Deavere Smith perform
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This is a Korean female in her late 40 to early 50 with an education background who came from a middle-class family. The character was portraying as a thin lady with black hair who dressed in her Asian clothing standing there with rage and her expectation is for someone to heard her and will help her to find justices for her Korean people. This character has a strong personality and has a lot of opinions about justice. Who is very upset of what had just happened to her people and want the world to know what had just happen to her people. How I come to this conclusion is the ways Anna was standing and the vocabulary that Anna is using to articulate the character English. It’s has shown that this character is a person who can articulate her opinions and able to speak her mind and will not stop until someone heard
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