Anna Eleanor Roosevelt's Role Model

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To some people Eleanor Roosevelt was just another First Lady however, to some she was a role model,a insperation, a wife,a mom, and a helper. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in New York. When she was little she lived with her parents Anna Hall and Elliott Roosevelt and her Brother Theodore. When she was about 8 her mom died. After her moms death her dad took them to livw with his mom. Not only 2 years later Elenaors father died. After her fsther died her grandma took over her and her brother. Her grandmother decided to have Elenaor attend a very prestige a all girls boarding school in which the head master was a female. That female head master did not only have her eyes set on producing well educated and well diciplend women who would just become house wives. No she wanted to produce women…show more content…
They lived hapiy in Albany New york and then in 1910-Franklin Roosevelt was assainged to serve as the state senate until 1913. While Franklin was serving as the senate Eleanor was learing so much about polotics that she was eventually able to become assistant secratery of the Navy. When her husband was elected president in 1933 she like completly changed the whole role of the first lady . She did all the normal stuff like great everyone with smiles and good handshakes and such,however, she did many things out of the ordinary. She made a womens only press core. Not only did she make a womens only press core she also took full advantage of the core and other things such as she had her own collum in the news papers called “My Day”. One day she found out that African American troops were not getting deployed she personally flew over there with a African American piolt and soon after that a lot of African American Troops started getting
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