Anna Garcia Forensic Evidence

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The Death of Anna Grace From the outside anna Garcia's house looks like any other house, but after looking closer we find a crime scene.The deceased body of Anna Garcia was found face-down in the hallway of her home. Pills, a tipped over chair, news paper, and a cup were found Many questions were raised what happened,who did it, and when. But the most important is how, how did Anna die. Was she murdered, and if so why. Forensic evidence will tell us why Upon entering the room where anna had died beside the body the blood The blood is the is the second thing to stand out.the blood recovered scene of the crime belonged to Anna or Erica Piedmont (suspect). After further investigations we found that the blood had belonged…show more content…
but unlike blood the fingerprint is unique to a single person. The fingerprints that were recovered show the they belonged to anna. After analyzing the patterns of the fingerprint found and comparing them to and all of the suspects. They belonged to Anna. hair was recovered on the scene. Hair, like fingerprints can tell us if there was another person involved,the sex,raics, and sometimes the age. On the corner of the table was hair, it was determined to belong to Anna. Also found at the crime scene were pills next to anna. After analyzing the pill we found that they were acetylsalicylic acid AKA aspirin. lastly there was a muddy shoe print found. After it was analyzed it was determined to belong to Anna's shoes. My theory is that Anna is a diabetic and had just come home from a stressful day, she got the paper,throw it on the table went to get some aspirin and something to drink, and had an embolism and caused a blood clot, hit her head tried to get the phone to call 911 but had been too weak and died. That is what i believe is a possibility to the death of Anna Garcia. We will be investigating the death of anna graecea. She was foun’q’r’’’’chair her,blood ,fingerprints , shoes
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