Anna Of Byzantium Character Analysis

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Anna’s Traits How would the Byzantine empire be today if Anna Comnena, a princess born to inherit the throne but died in a nunnery due to a failed attempt of murder, actually inherited the throne? Anna of Byzantium is a novel written by Tracy Barrett in 1998. It is a historical fiction book telling of Anna Comnena, a Byzantine princess and the events that happened to her in her lifetime. Anna Comnena, the ambitious heir the throne of the Roman Empire, was a well educated, arrogant, and vengeful person. Anna Comnena was a well educated person in many ways. For example, on pages 33-35, Anna Comnena gets the some of the education of what we learn today such as geometry and statecraft. Anna also got the knowledge of diplomacy, the study of managing international affairs, from her grandmother: Anna Dalassena. I think that with these two types of educations, Anna could rule the Roman empire quite efficiently. Anna could also keep her rule going on for a long time. Since Anna was a…show more content…
For example, on pages 183-184, Anna is dressed as a kitchen maid and has a flask of poison to kill John. She does this because her mother, Irene, wanted to kill John because he insulted the Ducai. Anna is unfortunately caught and Anna and Irene are sent to a nunnery. I think that if Anna had not been caught, she would rule in a more efficient way. Also I think that Anna would not die by cutting herself with a poisoned arrow while hunting the way that John Comnenus II did. In conclusion, Anna was a very vengeful, well educated, and arrogant. I think that the Byzantine empire would be better if Anna had actually succeeded in the the murder attempt of John. Overall, I think Anna of Byzantium is a truly wonderful and complex character. If I could recommend this book to a friend and I think that they would like this book. I also think that Anna would have made history different for women and make women rights more equal
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