Anna Quindlen's Homelessness

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In Anna Quindlen’s “Homeless,” The author attempts to show the reader what it is like for people to lose their homes and truly explain what it is like to be homeless. The essay wants the reader to dive into the life of a homeless person and see how it truly affects them. Therefore, it makes a connection to the reader by talking about what home really is and showing home is more than just a house. A home is a place people call their own and feel safe and even have a pride of ownership when the person steps inside. Therefore showing the views of actual homeless people, the essay shows what it is like to not have that home and to live off nothing and just hope to find a place to sleep. With this in mind, people should see that nobody should live…show more content…
The homeless have no true place to call their own and they just have to hope and pray they find a safe warm place to sleep and a meal for that day. Worst of all though is that the homeless do not have a place they can feel loved and be happy at like we do when we come home everyday. Quindlen said it best when she says”they are people who have no homes. No drawer that holds the spoons…”(Quindlen 216). Quindlen is trying to say that the homeless do not have small things to enjoy in life like we do. They do not get to come home and grab their favorite food right after school or work everyday like some of us do. They fight to survive everyday and no human being should have to live like an animal everybody should be able to have that feeling of love and happiness that we have when we come home. The homeless have it worse than we want to see but if we as human beings start seeing this and realizing that nobody should have to live like that I believe that we could give homeless people the life they deserve and give them a place they can go to and call home and finally feel that love and happiness again like all human beings
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