Anna Skelly Interview

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Imagine being involved in a school activity that literally consumes almost every moment of one 's life. Anna Skelly is involved in Hempfield Area High School Marching Spartan Marching Band. i have known Anna since middle school. We just became close because we both attend Cosmetology in CWCTC tech school. While interviewing Anna, I learned many interesting things about her family life, school activities, and hobbies. The first topic Anna and I discussed was her family life. Anna is a 16 year old junior who attends Hempfield Area Senior High School. She was born on March 17, 1999 in Mt. Pleasant PA. She lived there until her parents got a divorce. After that she moved to where she has currently been living for the last 9 years. Anna did not live in Rolling Hills by herself until her two sisters Lorraine, and Alex moved out. She however still lives there with her three cats Ringo, Honey, and Rascals. Not only did Anna discuss her family life with me, she also shared information about her school activities. Anna attended West Hempfield Middle School even then she had a…show more content…
Anna is very involved in the Hempfield Spartan Marching Band. Anna is a junior majorette she spends every waking moment either practicing or performing. However she manages to make time to read she is into realistic fiction novels. Anna is a fun and funny person to be around she loves the movie The Avengers because “Robert Downey Jr is a beautiful creature” as Anna would put it. If Anna could go back in time just once she would want to go back to Ancient Greece to see how they functioned back then. Anna is not allowed to have a job due to all the work that goes into being apart of the band. Which is one of the reasons she likes being a teenager however she doesn’t like the fact she is never taken seriously. Anna seems to be a well put together person until it comes to thunderstorms because her cousin was nearly struck by
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