Annabel Lee Alone And The Raven Essay

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The three famous poems “Annabel Lee, Alone and The Raven,” were written by the well-known author Edgar Allan Poe. He is also known for creating the first detective story and for having the most emotional and dark poems. The things he had made are sometimes hard to understand while reading, because of the ancient terminology used throughout his works. But nevertheless, when broken down into modern and daily speak, we can truly comprehend that Poe’s stories had depth behind them. The first poem is called “Annabel Lee,” a romantic and bittersweet fairytale of a poem, that Poe had dedicated to his dead wife, Virginia Clemm. The poem depicts of a man and a woman, whose name was Annabel Lee, who were unconditionally and forever in love. Even when…show more content…
This poem is indeed very different. It is a very ongoing piece that has more vocabulary in it than other works by Poe. But this poem is very haunting and has the feeling of despair throughout it, despite having a talking animal present in the story. The piece depicts of a young man who is mourning the loss of the love of his life, Lenore. He wants with all his heart to forget her and move on because his grief over losing her just pains him that much. And that night, a raven comes in his window and perches above the door of the room. The narrator jokingly begins to talk to the bird. But he was in for quite a shock when the raven replied with just the word “nevermore.” After talking to the raven, the narrator begins to wonder if this bird was a devil coming to remind him constantly of the loss of his love or a message from God saying that he shouldn’t want to forget Lenore. And after shouting at the raven and telling it to leave, it never does. And the man forever has the memories of Lenore in his mind. “But the Raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling.” This would be my favorite line in this poem because of the description of this bird visiting a man and eventually urges him to smile past his
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