Annabel Lee And The Raven Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was a terrific American author, commended and well known for his poems and short stories, he is far considered as one of the best fathers of the Americans fiction and poetry genre. The death of a beloved woman in Poe’s poetry such as “Annabel Lee” and “The Raven” is undoubted. Consequently, his tales whereas women seem to be attractive are either murdered at the beginning or during the tale. However, Poe’s work offers more disparity in the portrayal of women. Edgar Allan Poe as an American best romanticist writer faced a lot in his life. His miserable life led his way for writing as he discovered that he was in charge of his destiny, both professionally and financially as his foster father stopped supporting him financially. He endured a lot with poverty and death which took all of his family. As a result, death was a…show more content…
However, in both poems, the main theme is the loss and mourning of beautiful women. Both poems follow the same theme or “melancholy topics” as Poe called it in his works. Notwithstanding, these two poems have more similar themes, figures, and symbolism between them, but there is one element in each of them which contrast. For instance, “Annabel Lee” is much more confident compared to “The Raven.” Because the narrator in “Annabel Lee” is positive and feels he will always be with his beloved Annabel Lee while the narrator in “The Raven” is certain that he will never see Lenore “nevermore.” Comparing these poems and their meaning in real life, we can testify how painful it is to lose our loved ones. Sometimes, it takes so many years to let it go and move on, despite the memories that we will always hold on to it. Thus, therefore, death in Edgar Allan Poe’s oeuvre represents his emotions over the illness and impending death of his wife which influenced his writing as
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