Annabel Lee Comparison

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“Annabel Lee” is the shared named of a poem and a song based off of it. Edgar Allen Poe wrote the poem “Annabel Lee” in 1849. The poem is about a man who has lost his love and is in mourning. Tiger Army wrote a song based on the poem in 2001. There are many similarities in the two pieces as well as some differences. The song and the poem are easy to compare, as they have many resemblances. They both take place in cold weather. This is shown in the poem, “A wind came out of a cloud, chilling/My beautiful Annabel Lee;”(Poe) and “In the chill of November” (Tiger Army). Another similarity was that Annabel Lee died in both poems. The poem and the song both use the same vocabulary. They both use sepulchre and frequently use the words kingdom and
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