Annabel Lee Essay

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‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe is an eminently beautiful yet tragic poem centred around the theme of a forbidden love between two people, and the many obstacles that they overcome in order to be together. At the same time the poem relates back to a man’s undying love for his wife in which even death is unable to hinder. From the beginning of the poem, I realized Poe to be an articulate person who has a beautiful way with words, as he describes the origin of his love story between himself and Annabel Lee. This was shown in Stanza 1 where I identified him to be a kind and doting person, as he continues to talk about a maiden from the kingdom by the sea whom only wished to love and be loved by Poe. As this was written by Poe and shown from…show more content…
From not even knowing who he was to being introduced and engrossed in a whole new world which was only known to him and his love, which he now shared with all his readers. The ending of this poem- from my point of view- was tragic yet strangely engaging for the audience. I can only simply accept that their love was not one to be long-lived , as it was forbidden. Although Annabel died in the end I cannot fault the poet, because even though she didn’t live a long life in which I pictured her growing old with Poe, I came to realise it didn’t matter. Poe would still continue to love her as he did before and to me, that was the beauty of it all, that he was able to love her regardless of her death. Edgar Allan Poe is irrevocably in love with Annabel Lee at the start and throughout the whole of this poem. Annabel Lee is just the same reciprocating the exact same feelings if not more. “With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me” this portrays to me a love so strong and so passionate that even heaven has reckoned it by blessing their relationship with an angelic power. Both characters are mercilessly separated at the
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