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The title of this poem is “Annabel Lee”. It refers to the speaker’s beautiful lover. Edgar Allan Poe is portraying with the speaker’s lover that she was a death. The location in this poem is a kingdom by the sea. They love together since they were child. The speaker and his lover were separated by her highborn kinsmen. She was killed by her highborn kinsmen. Even though the speaker knows that she has died, but he was still loving her forever. This poem has six stanzas. The poet uses pronoun “I” and “My” that refer to the speaker. The poet uses the name of the speaker’s lover “Annabel Lee” in all of stanzas in order to mention to her all the time. In the first, second, third, and forth stanzas is used a noun phrase “In (a)this kingdom by the sea” to emphasize the location in this poem. However, all of stanzas have imagery in this poem. In the first stanza has six lines. The poet mentions to the speaker’s lover. Her name is Annabel Lee. She is a maiden. They lived in a kingdom by the sea. In the first line “It was many and many a year ago” rhymes with in the third line “That a maiden there lived whom you may know”. In the second line “In a kingdom by the sea” rhymes with in the fourth line “By the name of Annabel Lee” and in the sixth line “Than to love and be love by me”. In the first line “It was many and many a year ago”, the poet use words “many a year” that means “many years” for describing large number of the time in the poem. In the first line, we think the words “A

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