Annabeth And Tyson Character Analysis

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In “The Sea of Monsters” the three main characters are Percy, Annabeth and Tyson. I believe that Percy is a Capricorn, Annabeth is a Scorpio and Tyson is a Sagittarius. Firstly I believe that Percy is a Capricorn because of he is Brave, Loyal, and Stubborn. He is Brave by accepting an adventure that saves the school, and his mother. He is loyal by being Tyson’s best friend;Tyson is a homeless six-foot-three giant who is usually very unsanitary and unwise. The author described as "He was six-foot-three...His face was kind of misshapen and brutal looking..." (Riordan 9).However he is very stubborn by accepting this dangerous adventure that many people disagreed with, where he had gotten injured and had almost gotten killed. Furthermore, Annabeth…show more content…
Annabeth is also very strong and powerful because she can think of brilliant and innovative battle ideas. I think that this comes from her mother who is Athena who also is known for her intelligent battle plans. She is also very secretive. For example, she was very secretive about why she did not like Tyson. Finally I believe Tyson is Sagittarius because he is loving, insensitive, and open-minded. Tyson is very loving towards Percy. He describes Percy as the most important person in his life. He is so caring to towards Percy that he has risked his life several times to save Percy. When tyson saved Percy during the dodgeball game against the evil cyclops Percy said “Tyson gave his life more than once to save Percy and many others.” P19 He is also insensitive. For example, Percy was embarrassed of being friends with Tyson in the beginning of the book. However, he still showed love towards Percy. Next, Tyson is very open-minded because he I believe that he has nothing to lose except his only friend Percy. For example, when he did not even think twice when he was asked to go on the dangerous adventure. In conclusion, I believe that Percy is a Capricorn, Annabeth is a Scorpio and Tyson is a Sagittarius due to these several reasons stated in this

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