Annabeth's V: A Short Story

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Annabeth 's POV

Percy and I were walking along the beach when Piper came running up to us, out of breath. Without pausing to catch her breath she started talking, "Annabeth! Percy! Meeting in the Big House in five minutes! Can you guys get Jason, he 's in the sword arena. I have to get the rest of the Seven and Reyna. Oh, and Reyna is already there, she was coming to visit today. Oh, yeah, I forgot Leo is gone. It just seems like he should be around here."

It was a sore subject. Two weeks ago, while we were defeating Gaea. Leo was killed by a screaming fireball, that we later learned was Octavian, destroying Gaea 's essence and sending her back to where she belonged, deep, deep asleep. Later when the gods called us to Olympus, we had
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When we got there, Piper and Hazel were arguing about who 's boyfriend 's powers were cooler, while Jason and Frank watched, and Reyna was spinning her dagger on the tabletop. Chiron looked up as soon as we walked through the doorway to the rec room, basically the headquarters for quest briefing, meetings, and war councils. "Ah! There you two are. Piper, Hazel, both Frank and Jason 's talents are amazing. Back to the problem at hand, A friend, Minerva McGonagall, has asked me to send some campers to her school, to help protect one of her students, a boy named Harry Potter. They 've recently finished a war themselves and the boy, Harry, defeated the Leader of the opposing side, Lord Voldemort. Professor McGonagall is worried that some of the remaining followers will try to get revenge on the young man."
Immediately questions poured out, "Who 's going" "What is the name of the school" "Where is this place"
Chiron stamped his hoof. "Heroes! I will answer your questions if you stop talking! Thank you, now for who is going, it was originally going to be you seven and Reyna, since this was arranged before the end of your quest, so you seven demig-" suddenly a boy rushed in, one of the new campers, and
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“Yes, well, I have no idea why my children named their school that, but it can 't be helped. Now, when you go, you mustn 't laugh at any of the names like Hogwarts or Hogsmead, the village, it 's not a laughing matter. The reason it is you 11 and not any less is because you all already have magical power. Most demigods do, it 's one other thing I don 't control, who does and who doesn 't get the gift. Demigods are more likely to get the gift, because of their godly ancestors, even if they don 't have Wizards in their ancestry. But, you, you all are different. This is a rare case, you all have power from the Magic that runs the Wizarding World, and from you parents. This is why
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