Annalise Keating: A Short Story

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My story follow the lives of five law students chosen to work under top criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating, at Middleton University in Philly. It was a cold October Morning in Philadelphia. The temperature was under 30 degrees, but things were about to heat up in the home Annalise Keating. Conner and Michaela are the first to arrive at the emergency meeting Annalise called. “Oh my goodness its cold outside” said Michaela. “Not as cold as how Annalise shut down your crappy idea in class today”, said Connor”. “Shut up Connor! You walking STD”. “At least I get the D, hater”, said Connor with a smug face. In Walks in Laurel, Wes and Asher. Laurel, “hey guys what’s this whole meeting about”? Asher, “no idea all I know is our boss lady…show more content…
Her name is Megan Martinez and she is a published author, which means she is a known figure with a reputation” “Isn’t she the girl ghost wrote Kim Kardashian’s book about vagina health or something?” said Asher. *Everyone in room giggles until Annalise Shuts them down with a look* “Like I said Megan is a longtime client of mine, she has asked us to help get her two sons out of trouble” said Annalise “What kind of trouble”? Asked Connor. “Megan has two sons, Juan and John who have recently been arrested for supposedly stabbing a man who attacked them first. Our job is to keep them from being convicted. You will all have time to speak with both Megan and her son’s. She’s on her way now” *Suspenseful and catchy music begins to pick up some pace* “Please you guys have to help us!” said Megan. My poor babies did nothing wrong they are the real victims here. Please look at them, they’re both just pretty boys they can’t handle jail! Can you imagine what will happen to them?” “Just try and tell us exactly what happened so we can do our best”, said Annalise. The entire team, including bonnie and frank began to take…show more content…
“Connor are you ok?” asked Laurel. Look I know I don’t know you that well but I think something about those kids story is bothering you” “I’m not bothered” said Connor aggressively. “I’m sorry, it’s’s just I’m tired of shit like this always happening.’ Those two kids were doing nothing wrong. I remember being their age and how hard it was to be who you are and those kids are so brave.’ Then a rich douche bag this frat guy can come along and just hurt people out of nowhere and we’re all supposed to act like this is ok?” “It’s wrong.” Said Connor. And with an intense stare into wide open distance Connor began to feel his body filling with passion *Cue Motivational and catchy beats* “I’m going to make sure this guy goes down and I’m going to make sure that people know not to fuck with our Community.’ I’m going to free my

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