Annalise Poem In How To Get Away With Murder

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4.1. Intrinsic Aspect
4.1.1. Theme
How to Get Away with Murder is an American televison series that portrayed an unpleasant experience of Annalise Keating, Keating’s five, Bonnie and Frank. The theme of this tv series can be seen in the title which is How to Get Away with Murder. HGAM mostly tells us about how people that I have mentioned before have to face the reality and have to escape from murder that connects with them. Annalise Keating as a main character who played a big role in HGAM has to protect Keating’s five eventhough she has to sacrifice her life. Picture 6 Picture 7 Eps 9 Eps 10
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She is a professional defense attorney and a law teacher in Middleton University. Annalise Keating is a black woman who have married with a white man named Sam Keating. She is a hardworker woman who always pushes herself to be the best defense attorney in town. She never save her knowledge as a defense attorney only for her but she gives it to all of her student in Middleton University. She teachs a subject entitled How to Get Away with murder. She also invites her students to work with her. At this moment, she chooses 5 students which is called as Keating’s five. Annalise has a mysterious connection in the past with one of them. He is Wes. However only Annalise and her bestfriend know about it.
Behind the succesfull stories of Annalise, she hides many things in her life. She has an imperfect relationship with her husband. Bad relationship between Annalise and Sam is because Annalise is always too busy with her job She always put her job as her number one priority. Her job leads her to a forbidden relationship with Nate Lahey. It also leads her to a murder case of Lila Stangard who has a special relationship with Sam Keating and a murder case of Sam
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