Anne A. Odion's Treasures In Heaven

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Delivering a faith-filled and solidly principled message to fellow Christians, author Anne A. Odion makes an impressive debut with her recently published, Treasures in Heaven, in which she divulges her heart - felt, spiritually dedicated point of view. Author Odion is passionate about sharing her message of Gods existence and believes in being an active Christian, and the building of “Treasures” for life in heaven. She refers to bible passage Matthew 6:19 -21, which generally relates to building a stronger spiritual connection with God by living a life that is enhanced by spiritual growth rather than one enhanced by accumulated material items, thus building treasures for one 's heavenly life. Comprised of ten well thought out and adeptly written chapters, each chapter encompasses a particular aspect of Christian belief that will lead to building a better spiritual life and relationship with God. Although there is something to be learned by Christians in each chapter, as a spiritual person, I personally found Chapter 3 - City of God, to be particularly intriguing and thought provoking. In this chapter, she discusses her dream of heaven in limpid detail. All of us, no matter what religion or spirituality you embrace, want to know if a “life” exists after we die and this chapter embodies that topic.…show more content…
Author Odion shares an ardent, and multi-faceted perspective. Covering varied aspects of the Christian faith she expounds on topics like: proof of God 's existence, reconciling to God, God 's plan for his believers and the very real existence of heaven of which, she claims to have irrefutable proof provided through an astounding spiritual experience in which she was shown by
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