The Most Happy By Anne Borleyn Analysis

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Lucache Oana (căs. Şulic)
Anne Boleyn,
The Rise and Fall of “the Most Happy” Anne Boleyn, the first English queen to be executed and the mother of England’s greatest Queen, Elizabeth I, was born between 1500 and 1509, probably at Blickling Hall, in one of the most powerful families of the time. Historians don’t know too much about her early childhood. What they do know is that she spent part of her childhood at the court of the Archduchess Margaret as a “fille d’honneur”. She was then transferred to the household of Henry VIII’s sister, Mary, who was married to Louis XII of France. She later served Queen Claude of France for about seven years as King Louis had died and Mary Tudor had to return to England. During her time spent in France, Anne Boleyn learnt to speak French fluently and became passionate about French literature and fashion.
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The king was already tired of his wife and very affected by the fact that she couldn’t give him a male heir, so he sought comfort in other women’s arms, including Mary, Anne’s sister. But the odds were in Anne’s favor who was soon to become “the most happy” queen. Her youth, charm, intelligence and ambition helped her get the King’s attention. At first, Anne denied Henry VIII’s sexual favors saying that she wanted to be “A Queen or not at all” . Henry, who hated writing letters, used to write Anne love letters on a regular basis while she was away from court. Seventeen of these love letters are kept today in the Vatican library. Here is an excerpt from one of his
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