Anne Bradstreet

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1 Does this sound "American" to you? Discuss why or why not.
Yes, because although she was born in England and learned in England she lived most of her life in America. She had to learn how to live in America, and the problems she would face by doing so. She struggled with her religion, children, poetry, societal norms, and more.

2 Reading the introduction / biography, what is Bradstreet 's background?
Is she "American" by choice? Discuss. Anne was born in England, but was forced to leave with her family when her father was accused of helping fugitives. They went to Massachusetts at first but then moved around quite a bit. She does not like the new world around her. Anne said that she “submitted” to it, but it was “wrenching”.

2 How does the fact that these poems were published without her
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The tone of The Prologue was sarcastic towards how men treated women. She brought up how the Greeks thought women were amazing, so to say that women now should be housekeepers is ridiculous. She also wrote about her religion and the struggle of being a woman in the new world.

6 How do you respond to Bradstreet 's story? How do you respond to her poems?
My response is happy to Bradstreet’s story. I am happy that she was strong enough to stand up to men and do what she loves, writing. She didn’t need a man’s approval to write and talk about issues she felt needed to be discussed. Her poems are interesting to read, too. I researched a little more in depth about the true meaning behind some of the stanzas (since I’m not use to the language used). It definitely helped me realize more how sarcastic she was about how men treated women and how she was standing up against it through her
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