Anne Bradstreet: The Author To Her Book

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The Author to Her Book In the poem, Anne Bradstreet is talking about her life story. The story is about her experience with her book. The book was taken away by her friends to a faraway country where it got published exposing it to the public. Though the book was published, it was not yet to her standards. It was like a draft. It had a lot of errors, which were never corrected by the time it was published. She hoped that the book would come back to her and make it better. Anne Bradstreet in her poem “The Author to Her Book” is explaining about her emotions by using metaphor and personification. It is also noteworthy that when she first came across the book it seemed different, and she was disappointed. She tried to revise the work in her book with an aim of making it better and more appealing to the reader. Nevertheless, her effort to decorate her book with excellent work failed. She let the book to the public and hopes that it does not fall into the hands of critics. As she sends her book away, she tells it that if people ask who…show more content…
If though she says it is her child it 's not the author’s child. It is an artistic child. According to the poem, it is the book that the writer is referring to. She is addressing her book, which in the first line describes it as “ill-formed” which is a product of her “feeble brain” (Rattiner 27). In the poem, the author does not appreciate herself. She seems to have no confidence in her writing as she describes her mind as feeble. Also in the second line, she says that after the birth, the child did not stick with her. The book that she wrote was taken by her friends and exposed to the new environment. All she hoped is that the book did not fall into the hands of critics. The speaker uses metaphor as she refers to the book as a child, which she gave birth, which after birth did not remain on her
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