Anne Bradstreet's A Letter To Her Husband

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When looking at The Author to Her Book we can appreciate Anne Bradstreet on a personal level. This understanding happens by the way she views her own work, which was presumably published without her consent. Bradstreet refers to the book as her “child” that was snatched. Therefore, was not fully grown when it was sent off into the world, and even calls it “ill-form’d” and “irksome” to her sight. Yet, Bradstreet is truly attached to her work since she wants to fix its flaws, and seriously wishes she could. She laments, for it is not possible. Bradstreet ultimately accepts that this book remains out there to roam freely. Clearly, she hopes her published work is not criticized, which is understandable. Bradstreet happens to be very harsh on her own work and appears to be her worst critic.…show more content…
She was really in love, and admired him deeply. In A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment we get a glimpse into the longing of her better half when he is away on duty. Overall she seems to be in a loving
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