Anne Bradstreet And Edwards Compare And Contrast

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Puritan Literature
In the Puritan faith you are believed to be the chosen ones or the special people. Anne Bradstreet was notable American poet, man or women. She was born in England, and got married at the age of sixteen, then two years later she sailed to Massachusetts. Jonathan Edwards was born in East windsor and he was extremely smart, by the age of twelve he had just entered in what is now Yale University. After his education he became a Puritan minister then after he became a church pastor after his grandfather died. Bradstreet and Edwards share the same Puritan faith on how much God is important for them, but the show different styles of write by using unlike word combinations and tone.
In Puritan faith God is important to them; however, Bradstreet shows God as a loving, caring and giving type of person while Edwards portrays him as an angry and enraged person. Bradstreet writes about everything that happened to her and how God has cared for her. In
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In the beginning part of the poem Edwards portrayed God as fearful person. He explained in this part of the sermon how easy it is for God to take his enemies down to hell. Besides both of their views of faith, Bradstreet and Edwards have a strong view on God via tone and figurative language. Bradstreet 's tone in her poem “The Burning of Our House”, she was angry and upset, then towards the end of the poem her tone was calm and happy while Edwards tone in his sermon was persuasive and fearful. Bradstreet wrote her poem about her house that burnt down, in the beginning of the poem she was angry and sad that her house burnt down, as the poem went on she started thinking about God and how she will spend her time in heaven and she cheered up. In the third stanza of “ The Burning of Our House” Bradstreet stated: “ And when I could no
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