Anne Curzan Thesis

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Thonney & Curzan Articles Response Faisal Al Jawhary Pace University Anne Curzan’s article discusses how English language and grammar needs to be studied and that teachers are required to be educated more on this specific topic. Curzan argues that she believes learners should question grammar rather than merely following grammatical rules. Additionally, she says that questioning grammar could result to a huge problem. She continues to say that in mathematics there is the order of operations and rules used in tackling problems. Similarly, the same should happen to writing. Curzan argues that there is a need for “order of operation” in writing or that every type of writing would in free form. Grammar outlines the boundaries…show more content…
I believe that the author’s argument for setting “Standard English” is quite a good idea (Curzan, 2009). English is taught internationally, and it is taught since there are many foreigners who want to move to America. In case there is no rules set for Standard English, communication between individuals can turn out to be a big problem. According to Curzan, teachers should learn about Standard English so that different teaching methods do not clash (Curzan, 2009). All teachers are required to teach their students particular grammatical rules. Curzan argues that it is discouraging and difficult to have a student ask questions about grammatical rules and not being able to give an appropriate answer due to different grammatical rules. Curzan summarizes her article by saying that grammar is a very crucial issue to every tutor. When learners have a lot of grammatical errors, it is sad since this shows that they never learned correct grammar,…show more content…
She contends that there are shared characteristics that bring together academic writing, and by introducing these characteristics, first- year student can use this knowledge in other disciplines that they encounter to students. To assess the rhetorical characteristics that appear in writing style of experienced academic writers, Thonney analyzed twenty-four study articles. The topics of the articles were from psychology, biology, sports medicine, literature, marketing and engineering. The author selected the articles randomly from peer –reviewed journals such as Journal of Cell Biology, American Journal of Sports-Medicine, Journal of Marketing Research, Proceedings of the Institution Mechanical-Engineering and Publications of Modern Languages-Association America. The analysis discloses six standard moves that can apply in academic writing (Thonney, 2011). The first moves state that writers react to what other writers have said about their subject or topic. The second move states that writers affirm the worth of their work and outline the preparation of their papers. Thirdly, writers understand that other writers may oppose the position they have taken. Additionally, writers use discipline and academic vocabulary.
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