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Childhood On July 6, 1921, Anne Frances Robbins was born in New York City, she was an only child of Kenneth Robbins, a salesman, and Edith Luckett Robbins, an aspiring actress. From an early age, Anne acquired the nickname “Nancy”. During Nancy’s infancy, her father, Kenneth left the marriage, leading to Edith to send her daughter to be raised by her aunt and uncle, Virginia and C. Audley Galbraith, in Bethesda, Maryland. While there, Nancy attended Sidwell Friends School. Her aunt would also travel with her to New York to visit her mother, when her mother was there for lengthy theater runs (1). When Nancy was eight, her mother, Edith married a prominent Chicago neurosurgeon, Loyal Davis. After this, Nancy rejoined her mother and in 1931,…show more content…
This can allow one to believe that her cognitive development, which is composed of learning, attention, memory, language, thinking and reasoning was in no way abnormal (5). During her childhood, it could be theorized that symbolic function and pretend play were a large part of her life. This could have led to her love for drama, and later her becoming a well-known actress. During adolescence and young adulthood Nancy developed conventional and post-conventional morality. This point can be proven by her advocacy in drug abuse awareness during her husband’s presidency during her mid-life time period. It shows that at some point in Nancy’s life, the adults she was surrounded by instilled their morals into hers, and she then used those to develop her own. Also during her mid-life, Nancy would fit Schaie’s approach of being in her prime (5). Nancy was a publicized volunteer for numerous organizations, along with raising four children and protecting the President of the United States. Although it cannot truly be determined, it can still be thought that despite the slowing of Nancy’s central nervous system she still was very wise (5). During her fall in 2008, she still was able to process the information that the physical therapists gave her, and recovered from a fracture hip with no…show more content…
For some children this may alter their happiness and cause them to have a personality shift to something that isn’t like them. Despite the odds, Nancy remained happy and motivated, leading to her success in high school. As she moved into adolescence and young adulthood, Nancy showed her personality by being determined to becoming a distinguished actress. She worked extremely hard to land many roles, and went lengths to fix her reputation when it was altered by the press. Once Nancy met the love of her life Ronald, she assumed the role of the primary caregiver. It could then be noted that her personality shifted from one of autonomy to one of intense caring for others. Besides being a homemaker, in mid-life she become a personal protector for her husband. Her personality shifted when Ronald experienced a near death experience, and Nancy again showed how caring and passionate she was about her family. Nancy exemplified post-conventional morality (5). Minus her fractured hip, Nancy could be considered as one who ‘successfully’ aged (5). She maintained her health, despite her lapse with breast cancer, she spoke publicly and cared for her husband, and was still active in all of her organizations. This allowed for one to see that her determination and want to help others never left her

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