Anne Frank Argumentation

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Anne Frank Argumentation quote During the holocaust, many Jews and “weaker people” were tortured and brutally killed. During this horrific event, a girl named Anne Frank recorded her’s and the people she stayed with experiences in her diary while hiding from the Nazis. In Anne Frank’s diary there was one thing that she wrote having many disagreeing and agreeing on its content and meaning, which was, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Books such as in “The Diary of Anne Frank,” or the “Wave,” clearly provide proof of the meaning of Anne’s quote, through the characters actions and changes. The short but loaded quote Anne wrote, is impacted with meaning below its surface, and I assure you that it's extremely accurate on how humans are and acted today and back then. To begin with, the quote, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart,” is true because it applies to many occurrences that happened to Anne in the Annex. For example,…show more content…
For example, a man that was known for his horrendous doings and unforgivable by many, Hitler, didn't have the black corruption, used in the WWII, filling up his whole heart. For example, Hitler’s full on intentions weren’t to kill off all the Jews, but to deport them, or rid them of the state he lived in. This evidence shows that Hitler didn't want to exterminate all the Jews, giving insight that Hitler still had some humanity or good in him. To conclude, Anne Frank’s inspirational quote left many people pondering on its meaning, and in my opinion, I believe it one hundred percent accurate. With the people hiding in the Annex changing drastically from “bad” to “good”. To even characters in a book showing even most tyrannical still have good in their heart, proves that her quote is undeniably true in all
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