Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

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The authenticity of ‘Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl’ has aroused much controversy in the society. To a large extent that many people are having doubt about its authenticity and I would like to take a deep look on it by analyzing different parts of the text and comparing with relevant historical events and secondary resources, and evaluate whether the diary is authentic or not. The book published in 1947 in Dutch. It was translated to English and published in 1952. Anne started writing diary from 12 June 1942, the last entry is dated 1 August 1944. There are at least three versions
in the world so far. The very first version supposed to be the original one: The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition (1989). Next, it would be the edited…show more content…
There is photographic evidence of annexe before and after occupation. Take an example, on wallpaper of annexe, Anne’s parents had drawn line showing each of daughters’ height, with name and date written next to it. It is also a big piece of evidence. Last but not least, there are lots of photographic and videographic evidence. Most evidence is from photos of Anne and her family, and also the video clips during Anne’s lifetime. They show the reality of existence of Anne Frank. Some might argue that there is a lot of wrong with the diary, and that nobody could prove anything written in this essay. There are many what if and I am going to try to solve those as well. So what if she didn’t write the diary herself? In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter as this diary would have been the voice of for millions of oppressed Jews. Anne would have felt this way. People who claim that there were fraudsters were those like the Nazis. The fraudsters would have been those very close to her. Therefore, the diary explains the events clearly even if the feelings weren’t those of Anne…show more content…
I believed that if she was alive she wouldn’t be as famous as she is now. She might not have wanted to publish the diary and no one would have discovered it. People associate ‘Anne Frank’ with her diary and vice versa nowadays. People also instantly think that that’s the poor young girl who died. I do not think that it would be this way had she been alive. Some people, mostly the Holocaust deniers believe that Anne Frank’s diary is a forgery. They are people who, by means of an attack on the diary, attempt to sow doubt about the fact that the Holocaust truly took place, that six million Jews were murdered during the Second World War, and that the Nazis ever built any gas chambers. In an effort to put these rumours to rest, the documents were analysed for handwriting, glue and binding methods, and the types of ink and paper. Nothing was found that would even remotely point to the diary being a fake. ‘An Authenticated Edition of Anne Frank’s Diary’ was written back in 1989. No ballpoint pen ink was found in the diary. There was some edits done by Anne’s father, Otto, but these were done in pencil. The pen ink used in the diary was common pen ink used at the time when the diary was
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