Anne Frank Courage

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“In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” Anne Frank was only 15 years of age when she wrote this quote in her diary. During that time she was in hiding because the Nazi’s were after Jewish people. Her thoughts in her diary will continue to teach us about her feelings during that time, even though most of her family including her were found by the Nazis and killed in concentration camps. As a young girl, Anne cared for everybody and was always kind. Her courage and determination to withstand the storm influenced her thoughts too. Also, Anne was a positive person who looked for the best in every situation. Anne Frank’s famous quote shows us depths about her personality and beliefs. In a situation where everything seems to gradually become darker, you need to have caring people by your side. Anne Frank was one of those people who was kind no matter what. This can be proven when she says: “How wonderful is it that nobody need wait…show more content…
Anne Frank was a living example of it. During her time in the Annex, Anne stayed strong and kept living life despite the threat hanging over her. She said that all people were kind because of her determined attitude. Even if she didn’t actually believe what she was saying, she had to put her best foot forward and keep going. Anne Frank definitely had courage and determination when she said her quote. It is tough to keep a positive mind when your life is changing for the worse. The famous quote may have been said because Anne had a jovial personality throughout her short life. Over the two years, they were in the Annex, Anne was always looking on the bright side of life. She pretended the Annex was a boarding school to make it seem more appealing. “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” This quote also proves Anne’s ability to notice the best in people. Anne’s cheerful nature can be displayed in her famous quote about people being caring at
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