Anne Frank Cujo Analysis

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Conflicts A conflict is a situation where two or more people have different opinions and then that people enter into a discussion to put their opinions in order and to see the different points of views. The conflicts have always existed and have always been an important part of the humans to have a good communication. Conflicts are resolved differently. Many people resolve their problems in a way and other people in a different way. Humans are different in many things, some people can be very ripe to resolve their conflicts but other people cannot resolve their problems and if they do they resolved with great difficulty. In this project we want to know how people solve their problems and how they react to solve them. The main question here…show more content…
In these stories we want to know how the characters solve their problems and how they react by solving them. In the story of Anne Frank´s Diary she told how she and her family were in danger because the World War II. She and her family were Jewish. The Nazis were sent to kill the Jewish people. She wrote everything that happened every day in her diary. How Anne Frank and her family respond to this conflict? . Anne reacts very well to the situation because she tries everything to change the bad time that Jewish people were having. She put her entire postcard and movie-star collection to make her bedroom more comfortable and even for a moment forgot about the bad situation they were going through. The impact of Anne in this situation was very good because she tries to look at the positive things in the bad situation and make the best of it, and the most important is that she had a positive attitude and she tried to make that her family don’t give up. By the other hand in the Cujo story the conflict was that Donna and her son Tad were in danger because there was a very dangerous dog named Cujo that wanted to attack them. Donna and Tad were very scared because they had been trapped in the car and Cujo was out watching them with their horrible and scary
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