Anne Frank Diary Essay

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It is 1945. The year that world war II had ended. You are just some family in America that helped as much as you can. That was great, but you always wished you knew what it was like to experience something as intense, and scary as being in an actual concentration camp. What it would feel like, what was going on. Sure it sounds a little messed up, but hey, don 't tell me you haven 't thought of that before if you are reading this currently because guess what? That 's a lie. Anyway, after the allies rescued the remaining survivors of the concentration camps, and spread the news to everyone so people that were in hiding could come out of hiding, a diary was discovered. A diary by a girl that had gone through everything. From hiding, to surviving. A first look on how life really was like to live like that everyday for two years. Her name was Anne Frank and here is her story.

Anne Frank was just fourteen years old when she left her home to go into hiding. She lived safely at the Secret Annex, located in Amsterdam. There she lived with seven other roommates including an older man that had to share a room with her. Also, from around 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Anne and the rest had to stay as quiet as possible in order to prevent anyone from knowing the family was living there. Anne Frank said once in was of her diary entries that "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." After everything that had been going on, after she had to leave all of her
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