Anne Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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On June 12th, 1942, Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank received a diary from her parents. Little did they know that the diary would later become one of the most critical pieces of information in World War II. In the beginning of her diary, it was just like any other teenage girl’s diary. She led a normal life, worrying about what she’d wear tomorrow or what her friends are doing. Until her older sister, Margot was ordered to a concentration camp. Her father Otto had decided her family should go into hiding. He had decided to move into the secret floor at the top of Otto’s office building. Some of the staff members had agreed to keep it a secret and decided to help them out. Over the course of a few weeks, a lot of their personal belongings had been…show more content…
Peter and Anne would watch the sunrises and the sunsets through the beautiful chestnut tree every day. Over the time of them talking, Anne had noticed Peter looking at her stranger than usual. It was a glance of affection. Anne struggled the concept of a boy liking her because it had been so long. She constantly debated this in her diary and her mind. She had decided she liked him too! They both exchanged affectional glances while they were talking, hoping one another would notice. Every night Anne would rest in Peter’s arms feeling very happy and (somewhat) safe. One night they had heard a very loud bang on the entrance door. All four men fled downstairs immediately to the scene. They had listened and heard the police. The men returned upstairs and brought the rest of the Secret Annex members up into the attic for protection. They had kept extremely quiet, doing their best to hear what was going on downstairs. The police had broken in. They could hear them walking around the kitchen, opening up two cabinets then leaving. The Secret Annex members remained in the attic for the rest of the evening, returning the next morning. They had gone back to “normal” but were much more aware of their surroundings. The Secret Annex receives a large shipment of strawberries, now forced to use them in every
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