Anne Frank Heroism Essay

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Anne Frank is one of the world’s most well known children of the world and a true heroine. Because she was so hopeful, joyful and smart in time of destruction and depression. Some of the strongest evidence of her heroism in the play about her life in the secret annex is when Anne gives all the people living with her homemade Hanukkah presents. Even when they did not get her or anyone else a gifts. She put a lot of thought an effort into the gifts to just make her family and friends. Anne also had a very hopeful spirit when having one of her “dates” with peter in his room. They got to talking about what they used to do in there every day life’s before the war had stared and they had lived in the annex , and what they wanted to do when they got out and the war ended. Anne said she would love to become a journalist because of her…show more content…
Lastly Anne brings up that peter and the others like Margot better than they like her. But peter denies the statement that he would rather be with Margot than Anne, and that Anne is very beautiful. Right before Anne leaves peter works up the confidence to kiss her on the cheek making Anne happier and more longing for the future even more than before. Another thing that makes Anne a heroin is that she is so forgiving. Like the night they caught Mr. Van Dan steeling food because he wanted more for himself. Mrs. Frank became so outraged she demanded Mr. and Mrs. Van Dan to leave the annex imminently because of all of their rude behavior. Mr. Van Dan being so embarrassed and ashamed that he became physically ill. Even though he had been very rude to her, Anne helped him get to the bathroom and tells her mother to let them stay in the annex. So there you have it that’s what I thing that Anne Frank is such heroin because she’s forgiving, joyful, hopeful, and smart. With some of the world best qualities than most people can never full heartedly commit to for there hole
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