Anne Frank Inhumanity

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760 days of darkness. 25 months of silence. 2 years of paranoia. All for one goal, to live. Anne Frank, a German Jew, went into hiding with her family, and four others. When the Nazis invaded Amsterdam, Anne’s father took help from some local friends to hide in a complex of his office. The office is known commonly as the “Secret Annex.” Days were spent here in worry, but everyone kept each other alive with love and support. Anne wrote in her diary, which kept her motivated to live. For two years, her and 7 others hid in solitary. However, one day, they were caught and sent to concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, was the only one from the Annex to survive. Otto Frank later published the motivation and stories of his daughter. The story of Anne Frank became a beloved and inspiring work of literature all around the world.…show more content…
Frank wrote about experiences she faced, which she linked it back to human rights. The website, Anne Frank and her diary, explain that Anne wrote and analyzed unfair circumstances, “She writes that when a Jew does something to someone, it immediately reflects on all Jew, while this does not apply to Christians.” Anne was able to draw many conclusions from different inhumane actions. This made people reflect on the inhumanity during Anne’s time, and come understand the message of human rights. Otto Frank also talks about Anne’s desires with the diary. On the Official Anne Frank house website, various interviews of Otto Frank were posted. Otto Frank talks about Anne wished to conceive other to strive towards equality and human rights. Otto Frank talked about making that his goal until he died. Anne’s views made a huge impact on spreading human rights. Anne’s words convinced her father, who was able to keep Anne alive in people’s heart. Anne’s words and analysis of human rights impacted the world. Many people found wisdom in Anne’s views on human
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