Anne Frank Personality

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Anne Frank was a young kid just like you or I. The only difference is she lived at a time of misery and sorrow. Although the world and the people around her were going crazy, she still believed people had kindness and passion in their hearts. Anne lost all of her rights. She lost them all because of what she believed in. A man by the name Adolf Hitler felt compelled to take all rights away from the Jewish people because he didn 't believe what they had faith in. Ordinarily, when a girl finds out she is losing the right to go outside, ride her bike, go to the movies. Moreover, not only that she lost her right to go to school, and see her friends. She didn 't think it could get any worse. Then it did. Anne and her family lost all right and were shortly forced into hiding in the summer of 1942. She had no knowledge that she and her family would be in great jeopardy. In the beginning of understanding Anne Frank 's life, she is known by her famous quote, it is rather obvious that Anne Frank was very optimistic and saw the good over the bad in everyone. Anne Frank has every reason as well as the right to absolutely hate the Nazis, however she decided to see the very good that lies within their heart. She stated "I have a nice side, but I am afraid to show it, I am afraid to be serious...because I am afraid to get laughed at when I am serious." This was not only towards herself but just in all. Anne Frank is a 13 year old girl at this time and still putting everyone 's
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