Anne Frank Quote Analysis

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“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear,” said President Snow from the book Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It has been shown throughout history, even during the darkest of times that many individuals have hope and inspire us in our everyday lives. Anne Frank was a hopeful, optimistic teenager who sadly didn’t survive the Holocaust. Her diary, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, has inspired countless of people to see hope in a difficult time. Another example of a text that shows hope is powerful than fear, is Dear Miss Breed. Hope is shown from a girl name Louise and she is positive about her stay in the Japanese ancestry. Hope is powerful than fear and if fear was powerful than hope, we would live in a life full of fear. From the inspirational writer and Jewish teenager, Anne Frank showed that hope is powerful than fear by the reference she writes in her diary. In The Diary of Anne Frank, page 23, line 35, Anne says, “Not me! I’m going to be remarkable! I’m going to Paris.” This shows hope because Anne seems to believe she will get out of the attic and be free. The quote also explains the positive attitude Anne has, she…show more content…
Louise is hopeful, positive, and an individual whom had to leave home. Throughout the story and letters, Louise was hopeful. In Dear Miss Breed, in page 3, line 9 it says, “It was too terrible to witness the pain in people’s faces, too shameful for them to be seen in this degrading situation.” It shows how Louise can’t stand the gloomy setting and she tries to be happy, positive, and hopeful. Throughout the story, page 4, line 28, she writes, “You never realize how valuable a thing is until you experience it.” This shows the hopefulness Louise has. She isn’t let down by the lack of protection she has by being outside, but she thinks about all valuable things she has at the moment. Louise shows positive and patriotic throughout the story and letters, and it sums up on being
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