Anne Frank Quotes

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“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne grew up in one of the most harrowing times in history. Anne Frank was an inspiring human being. Anne has delivered multiple quotes, these quotes could be titled as brave, whimsical, or indifferent. Nevertheless, by far these are some of the most inspiring words that I have ever heard. In this essay, I will going to explain to you how Anne lived out her words.

When Anne was just a young girl, the Frank family was forced into hiding for all that they believed due to the cruelty of Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis. The autocrats were against the Jewish faith, which is the religion that Anne's family participate in. The Germans wanted was all Jews to be
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He is! He’s the one who’s ever given me the feeling that I have any sense.” In that quote, Anne is talking about her father. This quote shows how much anne appreciates her father, who has always been nice to her. She said that her father is the only one that understands her. Anne had thoroughly expressed despite everything her father is going through right now, he will still give her affection. Surely their predicament is dreadful at times, given their situation. Otto Frank seemed to have a tremendous impact on Anne. He was one of the few people Anne could connect with, on a level numerous people would never…show more content…
What a lovely day. Aren’t the clouds, beautiful? You know what I do when it seems as if I could stand being cooped up for one more minute? You know the most wonderful part about thinking yourself out? You can have it any way you like.” Anne is again, talking to Peter in this quote. It is outstanding how she can still be positive when everything around her, is crashing down. After being cooped up for almost two years, she can still sit down and appreciate all parts of life. Anne pulled Peter aside to show him the beautiful sky; even if their conditions aren’t the best. A great way to have yourself taken seriously, is to be a great example yourself. Anne definitely proved herself in this
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