Anne Frank Reflection

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Jew during the Holocaust? During the Holocaust not everyone 's experiences were the same. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel I learned a lot about what his experience was like. I wanted to know about someone else though. Anne Frank caught my attention and I wanted know how her story compared to Elie’s. I think it’s important to know about the different points of view of the Jews because it shows how they felt through this devastating point in history. I learned a lot while reading Night, Some things I learned while reading were how a Jew felt during the start of the war to the end, a little bit about the selection process and how hard it was to survive. It was very interesting knowing how Elie felt and what it was like through his eyes. If it was someone else was talking about their experience it probably wouldn’t be…show more content…
Her experience was definitely different from Elies. For Anne 's 13th birthday she was given a diary. One day Anne’s sister Margot received an official summons to report to a Nazi work camp in Germany ( The next day Anne and her family went into hiding. They hid in the back of her father 's company it was called the secret annex. While in hiding in the annex they couldn’t turn any lights on and always had to be quiet. Most of the time Anne would write in her diary about how she was feeling or things she wanted to do. They hid in the secret annex for two years, but one day Nazis stormed in and captured Anne and her family. Next they were taken to a concentration camp in the northeastern Netherlands. There Anne, her mother and Margot were separated from their father. All of them died except Anne 's father, Otto. When he returned to the annex he found Anne 's diary and later got it published. Anne 's story is well know now all around the world and everyone’s story is a little different than others.
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