Anne Frank Research Paper

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In June 12, 1929, a baby was born. Her name was Annelies Marie Frank. She was a Jewish girl born in Frankfurt, Germany. Childhood Anne had a sister, named margot, a father named otto and a mother named Edith who stayed at home and looked after her. She always got in trouble more than her older sister, Margot. She was very outgoing and kind-spirited. She liked to talk a lot. She made many friends. When Anne was just five, World War II started. A horrible dictator named Adolf Hitler hated Jews. He wanted them dead. Education Before, Anne frank went to a school called The Montessori School in Amsterdam. Her sister went to a different school then Anne. When Anne Frank was just ten years old, the German Nazis forbided Jewish children to go to school. They also didn’t want jews to go to movie theaters, parks, beaches and other luxurious things. The war was getting worse.…show more content…
There was a secret door behind a bookshelf. Anne and her family hid in a few rooms behind the door. She then called the secret rooms “The Secret Annex” When Anne turned thirteen. Her father, Otto Frank gave her a diary to record her feelings. She wrote everything in it. In 1945, the people in The Secret Annex were arrested. Anne, her mom, her father and her sister were deported to Westerbork Transit Camp. Some people think that somebody betrayed her. She was about to have a new life. Achievements Anne Frank is mostly known for her diary, which she called Kitty. She wrote in it for two years while still hiding from the Natzis. Personal Life Anne was very fond of writing. She wanted to become a writer someday. Anne frank was an extrovert. She was always joyful and kind to people; although she was very secretive about what she wrote. Anne Frank loved to read and write. It became a habit for her. She never shared what she wrote. She didn’t even show it to her friends!
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