Anne Frank Symbolism

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Anne Frank Adolescence is perhaps one of the most challenging periods in an individual’s life; it is especially onerous for a young girl in the time of the holocaust. This is evidently shown in Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. We witness the development of the complex young woman Anne Frank, along with the same humane struggles and teenage hardships we all face at some point in our lives. A variety of eloquent symbols show this transformation of character; in each, a significant, unique meaning is held. Anne’s progress through childhood was “awkward and graceful” (44), as illustrated through her ruby red shoes. These slippers were a treasured gift from Miep; they fit several sizes too large but gave Anne…show more content…
During her confinement in the annex Anne often turns to the privacy of her diary to confide in. The diary is a place where“[Anne] can put all of her thoughts, all [her] feelings” (33), which is a luxury many of the other residents in the annex desire. During the play, we witness some of the direct quotes from Anne 's diary. Along with the humour and trivial problems that a teenager would write about, there are poetic and morose segments about her feelings about the holocaust and being trapped in the annex. She writes about being "surrounded by darkness and danger" (40); these sentiments from a 14-year-old girl gives insight to the forcibly accelerated way she grows up under such circumstances. The diary becomes Anne 's record of growing up as well as her record of her understanding of the war. The diary itself continues to be one of the most widely known books in the world, fulfilling Anne 's desire to become a writer and having her word live on after her death. The selected symbols each tell a complex story of the humane struggles we all face in adolescence. The play The Diary of Anne Frank depicts a recognizable, benevolent scene of family and youth; we can observe these meaningful parts of life through the eyes of a young girl in the time of war. The desire for companionship, trust, and safety is one felt by teenagers,
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