Anne Frank The Bad Is For The Good Analysis

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It is very strange to think about having to live in an extremely small room for your teenage years. It is even stranger to think about being in that small room with two families while being very quiet. This was just one of many struggles Anne Frank had to go through. As an old proverb says “The bad is for the good,” some of these struggles helped Anne become who she wants to be. Frank’s struggles contributed to her personal growth in becoming who she wants to be by making her more curious, making her a more independent girl, and a generally better person. On January 2nd, 1944 she started her diary by asking questions. “Can you tell me why people go to such great lengths to hide their real selves?” she wrote. Being in a room cut off by society must make her feel helpless. She is becoming more curious because she wants to know about everything. In passage 1 it says she evaluated the other family in the…show more content…
Abbe was an outgoing person and having to be quiet all day made her depressed. She could never go outside to play, and on top of that she has few friends after moving into the Annex, it surely must have made her insane. She also was making her mom very upset. In passage two it reads “Mr. Frank: You hurt her very much just now. She’s crying. She’s in there crying.” This made her realize what she had done and replied, “I was horrible, wasn’t I?” I made up my mind, I’m never going to do that again. Never!” This was the moment she was being a more caring and better person. Taking everything Anne went through into account, she overcame her struggles surprisingly well. Anne also became a batter person because she was more curious, more independent, and a more caring and loving girl. Anne Frank is the “face” of the Holocaust to many and that is because she was an ordinary girl who went through such hard times and eventually had the same fate as millions of other innocent
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