Anne Frank: Why People Are Good At Heart

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Have you ever heard or read something that you will never forget? A simple statement that impacts the way you think and feel about people and life in general. For me, it’s a simple statement made by Anne Frank. “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart.” What an incredible way to feel after enduring all the challenges that life had dealt Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was just a young average girl when the Holocaust began. The Franks were forced into hiding when the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, demanded all Jews to be eliminated. In fact, many of them were sent to concentration camps to work, or to be gassed to death. The Frank family went into hiding with the Van Daans in a secret Annex in Otto Frank’s workplace. There
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You're much better than I am in dozens of things...arithmetic and algebra…” Anne is communicating to Peter in this quote. She is trying to encourage him to not give up. She wants Peter to keep trying and put up a fight. Anne knows Peter is not the most confident in himself, and it’s even worse with him being in such a horrible position. In my mind it seems as if Anne is giving Peter more self confidence. She certainly sees a lot of potential in Peter.

Furthermore, I believe the initial quote I referenced genuinely means a lot. I believe that Anne lived out her words to the fullest. She lived out her whole life with hope and compassion through all the struggles she and her family faced. Anne did not let anything get in the way of her happiness. She matured fast into a young lady since she needed to be confident and some what independent at that time. I know if I was in her situation, it would be very tough for me to be so positive all the time.

Still today many people are still talking about what the Holocaust is and what ever had happened. Some people don’t believe that such a tragic event had happened and how they were all in concentration camps or gassed to death. Anne Frank and the rest of her family were lucky to have found a hiding spot where they could stay. If Anne Frank would have never wrote a diary or it was never kept no on would really understand what went on and how much of a devastating time this
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