Anne Frank's Diary

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Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a moment before starting to improve the world.” At age 14, Anne Frank probably did not realize that she was in the process of causing a massive impact on the world, but she did just that. Anne Frank has inspired the world for years as a result of her journal she kept while fleeing Nazi persecution amid World War II. Anne Frank was influential on the world as a result of moving people with the journal she kept while in hiding. Although she had every reason to give up, she stayed strong and only saw the best in people, and the world for that matter. Her story is devastating, but her journal stirred people with its positive manner. The writing of this young girl helped struggling people…show more content…
Anne Frank is known as “the face of the Holocaust” and initially sparks interest in kids learning about this dreadful time in history. However, there have been some controversial arguments on whether or not Anne’s diary should be used when introducing the topic. There are both advantages and disadvantages in including her diary as part of a history lesson. One advantage to Anne’s diary being used for educational purposes is that the diary may spark an interest in children by reason of Anne was around their age. Since the children become interested in Anne and her story, they will stay engaged in learning about the Holocaust. Although this seems like a good reason to teach students about Anne Frank’s life and diary, some people will argue why the diary should not be used for educational purposes. One of the disadvantages is that Anne’s writing “does not represent the majority of the victims (history.ucsb).” The UCSB Oral History website states argues in favor of teaching Anne Frank’s story. The website says quotes Victoria Barnett in saying, “By getting to know the victims as people with faces, families, histories and personalities, the full scope of the tragedy becomes more vivid. Even today, the Diary of Anne Frank tells an immediate, personal story about what happened to the European Jews that the numbers and statistics cannot convey.” Although Anne’s diary does not contain statistics about the casualties and information about what life was like inside the camps, she has personal stories. However, Anne’s diary may not reveal all of the gruesome facts that happened during the Holocaust that students need to learn about to understand just how horrific this event actually was. Her diary does not contain the details about the torment the Jews went through and the jobs they had to do. Her diary does not include how overcrowded and dirty the camps were or how people died from starvation and
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