Anne Hutchinson Leadership Style Analysis

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During Colonial times, there were women who attempted to make changes in colonies, three of them being Phyllis Wheatley, Anne Hutchinson, and Anne Bradstreet. All three women tried to set the example of a quality leader, but according to our class definition of what a leader is, “a leader must represent a group of people, they must not be afraid to take responsibility. They must be decisive and have confidence in their decisions. They provide a role model for the people under them by being trustworthy and having the motivation to make changes for the better. It is also important for a leader to show discipline so that order is kept and the people remain committed. In order to achieve their goals, they must have the courage to maintain their…show more content…
Hutchinson held open meetings for those in the colony who agreed with her and wanted to discuss the prior sermons. She soon became a figure for those with similar religious standpoints. Anne Hutchinson’s mission was to express the idea that “Those who would be saved, were those in whom the Holy Spirit lived; this was signalled by a personal love of Christ and an inner light.” However, the government believed that Hutchinson’s vision would separate the colony and destroy their dream of becoming a “City Upon a Hill”. Hutchinson was willing to take responsibility for the meetings she held and was confident in what she was doing, but she did not give others a chance to take a stand. Everything she did put her in the spotlight, and part of being a leader is encouraging others to speak up. Hutchinson just spoke freely of her opinion and she didn’t take the time to hear what others had to say. After they banned her from the colony, Hutchinson stopped protesting and gave up trying to make a change. All of the followers she once had, had no one to depend on or follow now. Since she didn’t give others the opportunity to put their thoughts into actions, there was nobody to lead the group after Hutchinson left. Hutchinson, stood as a role model for other colonists, but she was too focused on her own ideas to realize what the benefit for the entire colony was, not just
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