Anne Hutchinson Religion Analysis

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Tobin describes how Anne Hutchinson’s views on Puritan belief led to a historical controversy on the matter of religion and feminism in the early colonial establishment of Massachusetts. Anne Hutchinson drew much attention after voicing criticism to the Puritan form of religious views and believed one should focus on their primary relationship with God, rather than their lawful duties to society, “Hutchinson saw God in the spirit and in inspiration” (256). Nearly all of the Puritan minsters were appalled by Anne Hutchison’s criticism toward their teachings. Not only did the minister leaders feel Anne’s actions were out of place, but they also feared for their standing in power of the church. Tobin explains how Hutchison expressed her opinions without doubt or shame due to her sex, which led to growing feminist tension in the times that followed. …show more content…

By going against what the Puritan leaders in the church believed, she was also going against the “fathers of the common wealth” (253). Tobin continues to explain how Hutchinson went against the normal standards of woman in her time era by standing up against her male leaders and voicing her views. Hutchinson defended herself in such an orderly manner, as she quoted biblical verses in which she indirectly indicated examples of sexism (255). At the point of Anne Hutchinson’s trial the Puritan churches’ main focus in attempting to excommunicate her was to use religion and the laws bound by God to win their case. The Puritan group leaders used metaphors to further justify their argument, such as comparing God to be the father to the select leaders of the church, who then must act as a father to the public (237). Many ministry leaders grew more anxious as Hutchinson refused to admit fault and continued to pose as a political

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