Anne Lamott's Essay: Practice Makes Perfect

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The first technique that I saw in Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott was, as she stated that “Perfection will keep you cramped and insane your whole life,.” (45). This proved that practice makes perfect. This quote helped me understand that my essays will not be perfect but if I keep practicing then I can my essay a skill for me to do. This statement is beneficial to me because this best describes me and how that my essay will one day be perfect.
On 147, it states that you should find someone who would like to read your essay and be committed to helping you. When I’m assigned an essay to right, I don’t really focus on grammar, I focus on just getting it done. I don’t pay attention of the wording nor errors I make. If I had someone who helped me revise my work and would likely
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I do a lot of group work but I would always rather work alone because I become more stressed about giving work to others and knowing that the might not do the work. I do better when I work alone and I find it more peaceful
On 91its states that you should make all paragraphs as good as possible and only worry about one paragraph at a time. That’s something I should probably star doing because I need to start focusing on my writing and pay attention to my grammar.
On page 170, Anne Lamott states that “I honestly think to become a writer, you have to learn to be reverence.” If you love to write it’s not a problem to write an essay. To me, that’s kind of hard because I’m not a big fan of making essays. I feel like this quote is the most important one to me because it doesn’t defend me.
When assigned an essay many teachers will tell you to avoid "I", "you", and "we". This can be a little difficult for me when writing an essay because I try to express my opinion. If I'm not able to state my reasoning, it's much harder because they aren’t many words to help my
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