Anne-Marie Slaughter's Current Event Analysis

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Anne-Marie Slaughter served as a policy planner director for the State Department. Ms. Slaughter fought over how women could both raise healthy families and have success in their careers. She began by giving speeches on women in the workplace. Encouraging her listeners to remain committed to their jobs and have self confidence in their careers. The aim of this piece is to evaluate Ms. Slaughter and her vision to start a workplace where women can both be present in the workplace and at home. This current event will include observations, comments and examples from different people. This information will be support by cited resources at the end of the current event analysis.
Ms. Slaughter claimed that anyone with brains and determination could
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Slaughter response some critics said that she was setting a poor example for career women. While others found an interest in Ms. Slaughters preaching about a feminist focus on the problems of the rich and powerful. Ms. Slaughter has now expanded her views into a book. “We often cannot control the fate of our career and family,” (Slaughter). Ms. Slaughter says, the main problem women face when trying to balance a career and a family is trying to pursue our self-interest in a world in which others are pursuing theirs. The impulse to put others first. Discrimination against care giving harms women, African Americans, gays and stay-at-home fathers. She brings up a study that shows children who received a high amount of care up to the age of five were four times more likely than a control group to go to a university. “As a society we lose massive amounts of talent,” Slaughter states. “For women to achieve equality in the workplace, men will need to be equal in the home,” Slaughter continues to speak. Ms Slaughter admits that women, who “define the nature of masculinity as much as other men do…have to find and embrace an image of a man who can care for children; earn less than we do; have his own ideas about how to organize kitchens, lessons and trips; and still be fully sexy and attractive as a man.” Ms. Slaughter offers some valuable suggestions for employers. She publicize the success of work environments, which have let staff work whenever and

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